Expelled – The Movie (Updated)

I went with a certain amount of reluctance to see Ben Stein’s new movie the other day. Reluctance because I already thought I knew all I wanted to know about the debate between evolution and intelligent design; also because I expected it to be more comedy than serious consideration of the topic. I came away stunned to some extent at what I perceived as the real subject: what are the limits on legitimate inquiry?

The movie uses provocative lines of questioning and dramatic visual effects to support the premise that debate on this issue is characterized by misinformation and personal attack; a “win at all-costs and get even and punish approach” by one side, the other, or both. Some of the historical examples were incorporated in ways I never considered, leaving me with a new appreciation for how easy it can be to be trapped by attitudes of faith or political correctness in a manner that stifles or cuts-off legitimate inquiry and debate.

I recommend the movie highly, most particularly for parents with teens, as a springboard for follow-on discussion about matters of faith, reason, and integrity.


Ed Morrissey adds to this debate in his observations following a TBN interview of Ben Stein. He raises some great points in this debate at:


David Berlinski has another interesting take on this topic at http://pajamasmedia.com/blog/the-scientific-embrace-of-atheism/


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